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Research Center DESY
**Research Center DESY**

*Research for the future*

The research carried out at DESY is extremely diverse. The scientists who work here are looking for the tiniest building blocks of matter that make up our world, developing innovative high-tech materials and searching for new mechanisms of action for future medications. As one of Germany’s largest research centres, DESY carries out fundamental research that creates new knowledge and new conceptual approaches. This research is the basis on which the challenges of the future can be mastered: issues such as energy supply, climate protection and healthcare require long-term thinking, sustainable solutions and new technologies.

Research at DESY focuses on four areas: accelerators, photon science, particle physics and astroparticle physics.
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Projects / Plants
**Projects / Plants**

DESY is one of the world’s leading accelerator centres. The accelerators and detectors that DESY develops and builds are unique research tools. The facilities generate the world’s most intense X-ray light, accelerate particles to record energies and open completely new windows onto the universe. Additionally, DESY experts are playing leadership roles in international projects in particle physics.
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